Welcome to the Towson Inter-Fraternity Council Website!

The Towson IFC’s Mission: 
In order to promote and uphold the common interest of Towson University and the Greek letter social fraternities therein, we, the Inter-Fraternity Council will ensure that, through appropriate governance, each chapter is given the opportunity to develop academically, physically and socially, their rightfully initiated members and foster healthy relationships and good will between and among said fraternities and the community from which they come.
A Message from IFC President, Hunter Haines: The Inter-Fraternity Council is the governing body for twelve national male social fraternities at Towson University. It is our goal to ensure that every chapter in our council has all the of the resources necessary to ensure success in developing their members academically, physically, and socially. Through providing the resources necessary and appropriate governance, as well as by holding our member chapters accountable for their actions, the Towson IFC is working to hone our membership into well-rounded, civicly-engaged citizens.The IFC seeks to revolutionize the way the Towson Community at-large views fraternities and fraternity men. Fraternity stands for academics, morality, leadership, fellowship, and service. In these five tenants of fraternity, you will find ties to every fraternity’s creed and governing tenants or pillars. These are words that we chose to live our lives by and through the thoughtful application of these words to our everyday lives, we hope to better ourselves and our community. The fraternities that the Towson IFC work extremely hard to separate themselves from the image of fraternities in pop culture.

The IFC’s member fraternities continue to grow at a rapid pace. The IFC encourages the chapters it represents to use their increasing membership in such a way that the IFC and Greek Life is recognized as a force for good on campus and in the surrounding community. It’s my belief that habit becomes character; through our chapters’ habits of community service, philanthropic donation, and diversity programming, that our members will graduate from Towson University with a heightened sense of civic engagement and civility.